SS-2160 USBX

In addition to constant changes, the electric current has peaks that run very high energy in shorts periods. These energy peaks can damage your devices.

Koblenz SS-2160 USBX surge suppressor, verifies the power input constantly and when it detects an excess, specially designed components inside the supressor, absorb this excess. This way your devices are protected all the time.

It has 2160 Joules for protection, 65 dB noise filtering and 2 coaxial ports for protection. 

This surge has Koblenz sustainable technology ensuring protection and energy saving through a system of "Master" and "slaves" contacts.

How does it work?

When the "master" contact is not in use, the energy of "slaves" contacts (energy saving) turn off automatically, avoiding stand by consumption (this takes 5 seconds to complete).
When the "master" contact is turned on, "slaves" contacts automatically do.
  • 6' feet AWG 14 power cord
  • Thermal reset
  • Extended USB desktop charger with 2 1.5 A USB ports.
  • 1 year warranty
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